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Arthur’s Story

Happy New Year!  In January, we partnered with Candlelighters For Children With Cancer who connected us with Llamille, a single mom with two adorable boys, Arthur and Matthew. We’d like to officially introduce you all to the Castillo family.

In September 2015, Arthur was taken to the ER after having headaches and stomach aches. He was transfered to Randell’s Children’s Hospital and diagnoses with a brain tumor called Germinoma. Even though this is a tough diagnosis, Arthur constantly surprises us with his big smile and positive attitude. He’s the one consoling us, telling us that “everything is going to be okay,” and that we “just have to be positive.” Arthur finished his chemotherapy and will start his radiation treatments next week. But, even with his fantastic outlook, he has a long road ahead.

As if caring for a sick child wasn’t enough, Llamille was unable be with Arthur at the hospital each week, care for him and Matthew, and keep her job. The bills are piling up. This is our chance to help the Castillo family keep their heads above water, and we couldn’t be more excited to help such a great kid.

Please watch their story below and share, and most importantly, take action and give. We can all give a little to make a big impact!


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