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Dollar For is a nonprofit organization that, through innovative practices and a community-oriented approach, advocates for families with overwhelming medical expenses.

After founder and CEO Jared Walker experienced several family medical emergencies and couldn’t find any organizations to help with the bills these emergencies brought, he started one himself. 

Dollar For fights for those who find themselves in an all too familiar position these days – stuck with a mountain of debt after a medical emergency. Dollar For provides relief to these families, working with a team of attorneys to delve into hospital programs and streamline the process of debt relief for qualifying patients.

The world of healthcare finances can be complex and confusing, and certainly not something a family dealing with a medical emergency should have to worry about. Dollar For simply saw a need that no one else was fulfilling and, until the healthcare system can support these efforts itself, we’re committed to helping every family we can escape crippling medical bills.


Debt Forgiveness

At Dollar For, our biggest effort is expressed in our Debt Forgiveness program, in which we enforce the hospital’s Charity Care policies. In order for hospitals to keep their nonprofit status, they have to have programs in place that aid families without incomes large enough to cover their medical expenses, called Charity Care. Dollar For has created a tool for families to easily find out if they are eligible for the Charity Care program. This tool, housed within our website, allows anyone to enter a few simple pieces of information and find out immediately if they qualify. We then work through a more extensive application with the family and, with the help of a team of attorneys that work with Dollar For, reach out to the hospitals, advocating for the family and reinforcing that the hospital pays off a debt it is legally responsible for.

We are simply streamlining a process that is already in place – it’s just difficult and confusing to navigate. We hope to start the conversation about medical debt forgiveness for families in need and create such an awareness and knowledge of the situation, that one day families will be able to reclaim their financial freedom on their own.

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Dollars Add Up

At Dollar For we see each contribution, no matter the amount, as a donation with endless possibilities. The Dollars Add Up Program is our core campaign. It encourages an individual to donate a simple dollar each month, helping to fund the tools and resources we need to relieve medical debt for families. From providing groceries during a time of need to helping supply the means for debt forgiveness, 100% of every dollar donated to Dollar For is given to families in need.

Your simple donation can make an extravagant change – sign up now.

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Our mission is to build a giving community that helps local families pay overwhelming medical expenses

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