About Us

Dollar For is a national nonprofit that crushes medical bills by empowering patients and advocating on their behalf. 

The Affordable Care Act requires nonprofit hospitals to offer charity care programs to keep their tax-exempt status. These financial assistance programs reduce or eliminate medical bills for low-to-middle income patients. 

Unfortunately, hospitals hold all the power. There is almost no federal oversight of charity care, so most hospitals do the bare minimum to educate patients about these programs. A recent study showed that 72% of nonprofit hospitals spent less on charity care and community investment than they received in tax breaks. Combined, nonprofit hospitals in 2018 received $17 billion in tax breaks that were not passed on as community benefits.

Dollar For is here to help. We educate patients about these programs, help patients navigate the application process, and call out hospitals that don’t follow regulations. We have already crushed over $19 million in medical bills. Our work is entirely funded through philanthropic grants and donations. Our services are completely free – no strings attached.


A medical crisis shouldn’t mean a financial crisis.


Dollar For crushes medical bills by making charity care known, easy, and fair. 


We make charity care known.

Our 2021 viral TikTok on the basics of charity care was seen by over 30 million people. We currently have over 125,000 social media followers. Dollar For has been featured on National Public Radio, the Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger, Kaiser Health News, Consumer Reports, and many other publications. See our pressroom for a full list of press and media.

Our team of passionate volunteers educates people in their communities. We also build local awareness of charity care programs through partnerships with other nonprofit and service-focused organizations to spread the word.

We make charity care easy.

Our online eligibility screener—powered by our custom-built database of over 8,200 hospitals—helps patients quickly see if they are likely to qualify for financial assistance.

For eligible people, Dollar For offers self advocacy and full service options to help submit financial assistance applications:

  • Our online manual and automated self-service system walk patients through the step-by-step process of applying for financial assistance.
  • Our dedicated staff of patient advocates prepare and submit applications, then help patients follow up on cases. Dollar for has already helped patients submit over 3,200 charity care applications.
We make charity care fair.

Our escalation team helps fight when we think a hospital has made a bad call. They send formal appeals and legal demand letters, and engage local partners or regulators when appropriate.

We also leverage our media connections to call out hospitals that are breaking the law and use strategic advocacy partnerships to plan for bigger change.



We are Hiring

Dollar For seeks a diligent, energetic, and equity-focused Development Associate to help engage our supporters, drive our message out broadly, and educate patients about our services and charity care. Learn more here.

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Advocates for patients with overwhelming medical expenses. Every $1 donated eliminates $50 in medical debt.

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Dollar For can turn every $1 donated into over $50 of medical debt relief. Imagine what one bitcoin could do!