About Us

A medical crisis shouldn’t mean a financial crisis.

Dollar For is a national non-profit organization that eliminates medical debt by empowering patients and advocating on their behalf. We help patients crush their debt – for free with no strings attached. Our work is entirely funded through philanthropic grants and donations.

The Problem

Charity care programs were enacted into law in the 2010 Affordable Care Act, which required nonprofit hospitals to forgive medical bills for low or middle income patients in order to keep their tax-exempt status. The loosely regulated program allows hospitals to post the policy and application in certain locations but allows hospitals to decide which patients qualify for the program and how they must apply. The applications are often hidden online and must be submitted by fax or mail alongside an onerous amount of income documentation. These barriers can make these programs functionally inaccessible to patients. As a result, millions of people are declaring bankruptcy or making monthly payments they should not be required to pay. Learn more about charity care here.

Our Solution

Dollar For educates patients about charity care and gives them the tools they need to apply for assistance. In 2021, our viral TikTok video reached over 30 million people with tips and instructions for accessing charity care programs. 

We also help patients access these crucial programs. Dollar For has combined technology and a compassionate team of patient advocates to help patients secure debt relief. Using a robust database of hospital policies and custom-built forms, we screen patients to see if their bill is likely to qualify for financial assistance. Since 2020, Dollar For has screened over 14,000 patients for charity care eligibility and over 11,600 were deemed likely to qualify for relief on over $211 million in medical debt. Dollar For has already submitted over 3,000 financial assistance applications on behalf of patients. Learn more about how we help patients here.

You Don’t Have To Do This Alone! 

Dollar For can check if you are eligible,  send you tips on applying, or even submit an application to the hospital on your behalf.

Are you already in the process of applying for financial assistance?  Need help with a tricky situation?  Use our contact form to ask questions or get help with your case.

Donate Money

Advocates for patients with overwhelming medical expenses. Every $1 donated eliminates $50 in medical debt.

Donate Crypto

Dollar For can turn every $1 donated into over $50 of medical debt relief. Imagine what one bitcoin could do!