Debt Forgiveness

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Due to the overwhelming response from our TikTok video, we are doing our best to reply to everyone and appreciate your patience. There are TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars in medical bills that have been brought to our attention.

The process with the hospitals can take a few months but we can do this! Thank you for your patience and please follow us on TwitterInstagramTikTok, and Facebook. And tag us in your posts so we can continue to pass this message along.

What Is Debt Forgiveness?

At Dollar For, our biggest effort is expressed in our Debt Forgiveness program, in which we enforce the hospital’s Charity Care policies. In order for hospitals to keep their nonprofit status, they have to have programs in place that aid families without incomes large enough to cover their medical expenses, called Charity Care.

We are simply streamlining a process that is already in place – it’s just difficult and confusing to navigate. We hope to start the conversation about medical debt forgiveness for families in need and create such an awareness and knowledge of the situation, that one day families will be able to reclaim their financial freedom on their own.

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Advocates for patients with overwhelming medical expenses. Every $1 donated eliminates $50 in medical debt.

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Dollar For can turn every $1 donated into over $50 of medical debt relief. Imagine what one bitcoin could do!