Family Videos

December Amyiah

Discover Amyiah's Journey To a Clean Slate Meet Amyiah. We are thrilled to help this beautiful family during the month of December. Please watch her story and spread the word....

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November Winnie Hoyt

Discover Winnies's Journey To a Clean Slate We are thrilled to partner with United Cerebral Palsy once again. UCP introduce this to Winnie. Three days after Winnie was born she started to have some complications. She suffers from Epilepsy, Auditory Neuropathy,...

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October Henry Button

Discover Henry's Journey To a Clean Slate Henry’s Story Discover Henry’s Journey to a Clean Slate. On September 14th Henry was in a severe car accident leaving him with his leg broken in three places, a sheared pelvis, many abdominal injuries and a head injury. Henry...

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