“What if I could empower five thousand people to give one dollar each month to help alleviate the burden of medical debt for families and individuals who are struggling under its weight?”

Jared Walker – CEO and Founder of Dollar For Portland

As a Portland native with a family that has experienced the stresses and uncertainty that comes with medical debt, I have seen first-hand how even modest assistance can make a big difference.

In 2012, I received a call that my aunt had passed away. Ten minutes later I received a second call that my cousin had gone into labor seven weeks early and needed a heart surgery in order to live. My thought swirled and I knew I wasn’t the only one who received calls like these that day. I wanted to help and in doing a quick search, I realized there wasn’t a single organization who would be able to help.

I didn’t have the resources to give a family $10,000, but I wondered if I could rally 10,000 people to give one dollar. With the words “what if” the foundation of my mission was born.

The goal continues to grow and the mission to find givers in Portland has grown beyond our borders. We want to spread this idea into other communities, cities and states throughout the United States. Think of how many people we could help, how many lives we could change – TOGETHER!

Dollar For Portland was started to leverage Portland’s giving spirit, one dollar at a time.
Will you be part of the movement?