Get Involved


Dollar For partners with individuals and organizations to get the word out about charity care and how we help eliminate hospital bills. Check out the different ways we collaborate.


Dollar For can only help patients if they know about us. Our volunteers share resources and help people in their community access our services. They post online, talk to people in their community, and drop off materials at places where low and middle-income patients might look for help. We also recruit from this team for special projects when needed. Join our volunteer team today


Dollar For partners with nonprofit and other service-focused organizations to educate communities about charity care. We provide partner organizations with educational and outreach materials to share with patients, training for staff, partners, or clients about our services, and custom tracking and outcome reporting on referred patients. Explore partnership opportunities.  


College campuses are great places to organize. Dollar For works with college students to establish campus-based organizations, recruit volunteers, and reach into the local community to crush medical bills. Get information about creating a college club. 

Donate Money

Advocates for patients with overwhelming medical expenses. Every $1 donated eliminates $50 in medical debt.

Donate Crypto

Dollar For can turn every $1 donated into over $50 of medical debt relief. Imagine what one bitcoin could do!