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Tiffany’s Story

In 2014, Tiffany noticed a bump above her ankle. Wanting to making sure it wasn’t anything serious, she made an appointment with her doctor. The doctor believed it was just a cyst and said she could have it removed if it was really bothering her, but didn’t need to immediately. She decided to wait, and had the surgery to get it removed about a year after her first visit. Shortly after that visit though, she received an unexpected and horrifying call from her doctor. They had found cancer in that bump and she immediately underwent 3 surgeries and many types of treatments.

Tiffany has stage 4 metastatic leiomyosarcoma.

Each month, Tiffany is faced with a decision: does she pay for her treatments, or does she pay for food and critical living expenses? Together, we can make it so Tiffany doesn’t have to make that hard decision anymore. Let’s help Tiffany and her family raise the funds needed to cover her medical expenses. Check out their video and share it, but most importantly, GIVE.


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