Meet Raquel

Discover The Raquel’s Journey To a Clean Slate October is breast cancer awareness month! We are thrilled to introduce you to Raquel Moreno. Raquel was

Meet Adaline

Discover The Adaline’s Journey To a Clean Slate Adaline was attending a friend’s graduation party when she heard a loud bang. She heard screaming and

Meet the Phillips Family

Discover The Phillip’s Journey To a Clean Slate Meet the Phillips family. Wheylen was born with congenital myotonic dystrophy and the family has been hit

Meet Jessica

  Discover Jessica’s Journey To a Clean Slate This month is all about the Dunlap family. Jessica is fighting a very aggressive cancer and is

Meet Alyssa

  Discover Alyssa’s Journey To a Clean Slate We have officially joined Team Alyssa Renee! Alyssa was born with Neuroblastoma and is fighting for her

Meet Daisian

Discover Daisian’s Journey To a Clean Slate Meet Daisian. Daisian is 31 years old and is a hair stylist in Vancouver Washington. In March she

Meet Hailey

Discover Hailey’s Journey To a Clean Slate In January, Hailey was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Shawn is a single father with two beautiful daughters and

March Taran

Discover Taran’s Journey To a Clean Slate  Taran’s smile lights up all the rooms 🙂 Our friends at United Cerebral Palsy introduced us to this

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