Real-life stories from people who have gotten medical debt forgiveness with help from Dollar For

Lindsey Loberg

Lindsey Loberg

A trans non-profit worker in Colorado didn’t realize charity care applied to them. Then Dollar For helped them clear a hospital bill for their gender-affirming surgery.

Jamie Kanter and her dog

Jamie Kanter

After a car accident, an uninsured Utah veterinary technician got help with overwhelming hospital bills.

Mercy Lauriano

Mercy Lauriano

Dollar For helped crush a medical bill, allowing a Texas mother time to grieve and heal from the loss of a child.

Ashley Harrison

Ashley Harrison

A Chicago cancer survivor got collections calls for three years. Dollar For got the bill waived and the calls stopped.

Alex Recinos

A Los Angeles hospital took forever to deny a man’s charity care application — then Dollar For got involved.

Alexandria and Scarlett

Alexandria Venable

This Dallas-Fort Worth social worker supports dozens of children. When her own family needed help, Dollar For was there.

Carolyn Copeland

With help from Dollar For, a retired Georgia woman can focus on recovery. not repayment.

Savana Rodriguez

Savana Rodriguez

A Houston woman’s hospital didn’t tell her that it had a charity care program, but Dollar For did — and eliminated her medical debt.

That's ridiculous. I'm not gonna pay, said Bria

Bria Craig

California woman fights surprise bills for Covid-19 tests with Dollar For’s help.

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