Real-life stories from people who have gotten medical debt forgiveness with help from Dollar For

Sharon Eriksen

Sharon Eriksen

Dollar For helps a Yosemite park ranger cancel medical bills from a for-profit hospital and an air ambulance.

Savannah and daughters at the zoo

Savannah Newton

A Wyoming mother of two thought she’d be paying medical bills forever. Then Dollar For stepped in.

The hospital never mentioned anything

Jacob Russell

Dollar For gets a young Alabama father’s medical bill forgiven, relieving financial pressure after a layoff.

Abigail Rang

Abigail Rang

With Dollar For on her side, a recent graduate in South Dakota got her life back.

Brian Shaw

Brian Shaw

When his application for debt relief was denied, a Mississippi man sought help from Dollar For — which got his bill forgiven.

They're really on top of this stuff

Ricarda Cruz Arroyo

Dollar For fights for debt forgiveness for an Oklahoma woman — no matter how long a hospital delays.

patient Sally

Sally Whitesides

An Illinois high school teacher feared she’d be stuck with years of debt — until learning about Dollar For from fellow gamers.

patient charlessa

Charlessa Hoskin

Buoyed by her faith, a Georgia woman trusted Dollar For to deliver her from an overwhelming medical bill.

Brittany Leary

A preschool teacher in Wisconsin had her surprise bill forgiven after working with Dollar For

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