patient stories

Charity Care has helped people like you with their medical bills. Dollar For makes it easy to apply.

Real patients share their stories. Find out how Dollar For was able to crush their medical debt and how it made an impact in their lives.

Savannah and daughters at the zoo

Savannah Newton

A Wyoming mother of two thought she’d be paying medical bills forever. Then Dollar For stepped in.

The hospital never mentioned anything

Jacob Russell

Dollar For gets a young Alabama father’s medical bill forgiven, relieving financial pressure after a layoff.

Abigail Rang

Abigail Rang

With Dollar For on her side, a recent graduate in South Dakota got her life back.

Brian Shaw

Brian Shaw

When his application for debt relief was denied, a Mississippi man sought help from Dollar For — which got his bill forgiven.

They're really on top of this stuff

Ricarda Cruz Arroyo

Dollar For fights for debt forgiveness for an Oklahoma woman — no matter how long a hospital delays.

patient Sally

Sally Whitesides

An Illinois high school teacher feared she’d be stuck with years of debt — until learning about Dollar For from fellow gamers.

patient charlessa

Charlessa Hoskin

Buoyed by her faith, a Georgia woman trusted Dollar For to deliver her from an overwhelming medical bill.

Brittany Leary

A preschool teacher in Wisconsin had her surprise bill forgiven after working with Dollar For

patient jarrett

Jarrett James

When his insurer rescinded coverage after surgery for cancer, a Tennessee man found a champion in Dollar For

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