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Dollar For is a national nonprofit that makes a real difference crushing medical debt by making charity care Known, Easy, and Fair. These are some of the many news stories about our work–and medical debt in general–that show the importance of what we do.

Insider. 4 surprising medical costs to watch out for, and how to avoid them. April 13, 2023. Read now.

Telemundo Austin. Dollar For se dedica a eliminar las deudas médicas para personas de bajos recursos. April 3, 2023. Read and watch now.

NPR Life Kit. Medical bills can cause a financial crisis. Here’s how to negotiate them. March 30, 2023. Read, listen or watch now.

The Lund Report. Bill would tighten charity care rules for Oregon hospitals. March 22, 2023. Read now.

Portland Business Journal. Financial aid for Oregon hospital patients is declining, study finds. March 2, 2023. Read now.

Willamette Week. New Report Shows, Despite 2019 Law, Most Hospital Collection Practices Still Hurt Patients. March 1, 2023. Read now.

NBC News. Dollar For Report Finds Oregon Hospitals Avoiding New Law to Bankrupt Patients. March 1, 2023. Watch now.

Becker’s Hospital Review. Oregon’s nonprofit hospitals are ignoring charity care law, report finds. March 1, 2023. Read now.

Scripps. This nonprofit is using medical students to help Americans deal with medical debt. December 20, 2022. Watch now.

Chronicle of Philanthropy. Charities That Curb Medical Debt for the Needy Are Growing Fast — and Innovating. December 12, 2022. Read now.

Scripps. Struggling with medical debt? Here are some tips to help. November 22, 2022. Watch now.

Asheville Citizen Times. Patient advocate pressure on Mission, HCA leads to posting charity care application online. November 21, 2022. Read now.

Wall Street Journal. Hospitals Often Don’t Help Needy Patients, Even Those Who Qualify. November 17, 2022. Read now.

Wave 3. Medical debt forgiveness programs available in Louisville. October 30, 2022. Watch now.

Rochester Post Bulletin. Medical bills can be crippling. Mayo Clinic’s charity care? Arguably lacking, September 30, 2022. Read now.

Rochester Post Bulletin. Charity care? They found it on … TikTok. September 30, 2022. Read now.

NPR. Montana health officials call for more oversight of nonprofit hospitals. September 27, 2022. Read now.

New York Times. They Were Entitled to Free Care. Hospitals Hounded Them to Pay. September 24, 2022. Read now.

Consumer Reports. How to Fight Back When Contacted by a Debt Collector for a Medical Bill, August 26, 2022. Read now.

Arm and a Leg Podcast. How to Negotiate for Lower Medical Bills, August 24, 2022. Read now.

Meta. Dollar For Community Voices Story. July 27, 2022. Read now.

The Wall Street Journal. Big Hospitals Provide Skimpy Charity Care—Despite Billions in Tax Breaks. July 25, 2022. Read now.

Asheville Citizen Times. ‘Stupid and dangerous’: Forum scrutinizes 3 hospitals’ competition for more Buncombe beds. July 16, 2022. Read now.

NPR. 41% of adults in the U.S. have medical debt. Here are some ways to try to avoid it. June 30, 2022. Read now.

NPR. How to get rid of medical debt — or avoid it in the first place. July 1, 2022. Read now.

Turquoise Health. Why We’re Excited To Crush Medical Bills With Dollar For. April 27, 2022. Read now.

Kiplinger. What You Can Do About Medical Debt. March 14, 2022. Read now.

The Paper Gown, Zoc Doc. How to Negotiate Your Medical Bills. February 23, 2022. Read now.

Kaiser Health News. How to Crush Medical Debt: 5 Tips for Using Hospital Charity Care. October 15, 2021. Read now.

Scripps. News 3 investigates a program that helps low income residents pay medical bills. August 14, 2021. Watch now.

East Lansing Info. ELi Hears from Readers about Big Medical Bills – and Investigates Help for Those Suffering. May 29, 2021. Read now.

Buzzfeed. This TikToker Just Shared A Medical Bill Secret That Feels “Illegal” But Is Actually 100% True. January 21, 2021. Read now.

The Mighty. Viral TikTok Video Highlights Hospital Medical Bill Debt Forgiveness Rule. January 19, 2021. Read now.

Daily Dot. Viral TikTok explains how to get your medical bills canceled if you earn less than $37,470. January 18, 2021. Read now.

Willamette Week. Jared Walker Found the Secret to Forgiving Medical Debt—So He Shares It. August 30, 2020. Read now.

Time Magazine. She Owed $227,000 in Medical Bills—Even With Insurance. Here’s What it Took to Pay Them. March 21, 2019. Read now.

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