Why A Dollar?

At Dollar For Portland, we to empower a social generation to activate generosity one dollar at a time.

Nearly three of every five bankruptcies in the United States are caused by medical/hospital debt. More consumer debt is collected for healthcare than for any other reason. The amount of medical debt is the same as the amount of student loans and credit card obligations combined! Ten million American adults have health insurance yet are unable to pay off their healthcare costs. They are unable to pay for both the healthcare they need and the housing, food, and household utilities they rely on.

Unfortunately, the Portland area does not have any charitable services that target the problem of medical debt or who seek out the families that suffer its effects as potential beneficiaries. The region has nonprofits that spent over $7.7 million in the last year on emergency relief – such as food banks and low-income housing – but not one specializes in relieving the medical debt that may lead to bankruptcy, homelessness, and hunger. This is why the area of Portland, Oregon needs Dollar For Portland

Dollar For Portland’s mission is to create a crowd-funding platform that assists those with financial burdens due to medical and hospital debt.  Our goal is to attract numerous small charitable donations by showing how much of a difference $1 can make. With assistance and aid in public charitable donations, we strive to support local Portland families get out of medical debt and get them back on their feet.