Charlessa Hoskin

“Dollar For stepped in and the debt got forgiven.”

patient charlessa

Charlessa Hoskin finds strength in her faith. A regular churchgoer, she trusts that whatever challenges she may face, God will help her find a way through.

That’s what happened last year, when she suffered a fall. After a trip to Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center, where she received a CT scan and several x-rays, Charlessa received a bill for $7,720. She wanted to pay the bill, “but I can’t give something I don’t have,” she said. She tried to get in touch with a financial counselor at Wellstar, but didn’t hear back. Undeterred, she sent in the hospital’s application for debt relief with proof of financial hardship. “They never replied,” she said.

Charlessa had seen a television segment about Dollar For, so she filled out its eligibility form online. In a few minutes, she entered the hospital’s name, the amount of the bill and its date, and her annual income. She could see immediately that she was eligible for financial assistance.

A Dollar For Patient Advocate submitted Charlessa’s application to the hospital at no cost. When the hospital had questions about Charlessa’s application, Charlessa’s Patient Advocate answered them on her behalf. When the hospital needed more documents, the Patient Advocate helped Charlessa find the right documents and send them to the hospital financial assistance program. Throughout the application process, Charlessa’s Patient Advocate stayed in touch via email or text, updating her on any progress.

A few months after the Patient Advocate submitted her application, Charlessa called Wellstar to check on its status. Her application had been processed, the hospital said. Her entire debt, nearly $8,000, was now forgiven.

“I was just so relieved,” she said. “Dollar For stepped in and the debt got forgiven.” 

Now that her debt is forgiven, Charlessa wants to help her brother get the same help with his medical bills. She also is pursuing debt forgiveness on other medical bills of her own. She hopes other people will also seek out help, and “stay faithful” that they can get relief.

“God can work through anybody,” Charlessa said. “I’m thankful that God worked through Dollar For.”

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