Step Four: Follow up with the hospital

Get a decision from the hospital

You will probably hear from your hospital in about three to four weeks with a decision.  They may email you, call, or send a letter so keep your eyes and ears open and make sure you pay attention to any messages they send you.

When you hear from the hospital, they may have decided any of these things:

  • They forgive all of your debt! FANTASTIC!   
  • They forgive a portion of your debt! Wahoo!
  • They ask you for more documents before they make a decision.
  • They deny your application assistance. Don’t worry!  This may not be the end of the case! There are some cases where you can appeal or reapply, but only if you know what to do differently next time.

If you don’t hear from your hospital within four weeks, you should call them.  Keep calling every two weeks until you get an answer! Be persistent to get that debt forgiveness!

Call the hospital

It can feel intimidating to call the hospital, but remember you are just speaking to a human on the other end of the line.  Start by asking to speak with someone in the financial assistance department. 

When you get them, here is what you can say:

“Hi. My name is __________________ and my date of birth is ________________.  I sent in my financial application on __________________ (the date you sent it in). Can you confirm you received my application and share the status?”

Then you might end up hearing a few different answers. Here are more questions you can ask:


If they are still reviewing your application

  • When is the review expected to be complete?
  • Do you need anything else from me to complete your review?  


If they have approved your application:

  • Will you be sending me a confirmation letter?  
  • If the bill is in collections, can you confirm that the debt collector will be notified?

Pssst…..if your application is approved, Dollar For wants to hear about it!

  • If you have already been in contact with us, email us at [email protected] to update your case.
  • If you have not yet contacted us, tell us about it Here
  • Post on social media!  Tell your story so others can learn how to get their debt forgiven. 

If they say you need to send more information

  • What exactly do you need?  
  • Is there a deadline to submit it?  
  • How should I submit it?


If they say your application was denied

  • Why? 
  • Can I reapply or appeal with other information? 
  • Is partial assistance an option?


If they say it has been turned over to collections

  • When was it turned to collections?
  • Is financial assistance still an option? 

Frequently asked questions

For many hospitals, financial assistance and billing are handled by different departments.  You may still get bills or debt collection letters while your application is being reviewed.  If you receive a bill, it’s especially important that you call to check on your case and ask if they will pause the bills or debt collection while they review your application.  

You Don’t Have To Do This Alone! 

Dollar For can check if you are eligible,  send you tips on applying, or even submit an application to the hospital on your behalf.

Are you already in the process of applying for financial assistance?  Need help with a tricky situation?  Use our contact form to ask questions or get help with your case.

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