Dollar For helps patients crush medical bills. While Dollar For does not pay medical bills for patients, we are here to help you navigate hospital financial assistance programs and get your debt forgiven.  Our services are completely free – no strings attached.

Here are the steps:

1: Get Screened

Use our eligibility screening tool to confirm that your hospital bill is likely to be eligible for financial assistance at your hospital based on the hospital’s policy, your household size, and your household income.

You’ll need:

  • About 3 minutes to complete this form
  • The name of the hospital, the amount billed, and the approximate date of your most recent bill
  • Your household’s size and annual income 

2: Pick A Service

Once we confirm you are eligible for financial assistance, you will be offered two options.

Full Service

Dollar For can submit a financial assistance application to the hospital on your behalf.  

If you choose this option, we’ll ask you to fill out our Full Service Questionnaire to collect all the information we need. The form will take about 15 minutes. Please be prepared to share patient information about the bills, household income, and expenses – and to upload your recent pay stubs, tax returns, and bank statements.  

Once we get your info, we will submit your application to the hospital within 1-3 weeks. We will let you know when we have submitted the application and give you instructions on what comes next.

Please note:

  • When you answer questions on our website and upload documents, we use that information to submit an application for assistance to your hospital. We rely on you to provide accurate and complete information, and to respond to our follow-up questions in a timely way.
  • Under federal law, non-profit hospitals are only required to accept a financial assistance application for 240 days, and may initiate collection efforts within 120 days, after you received your first post-discharge billing statement. Dollar For will do our best to meet the deadline but we can’t guarantee it. It’s your responsibility to ensure your application is filed in a timely way. You may have different rights granted in your state or in your particular hospital’s financial assistance policy.
  • Even if Dollar For works with you to apply for hospital financial assistance, Dollar For doesn’t act as your agent.
  • Dollar For is neither a covered entity nor a business associate under HIPAA.
Self Advocacy

We can give you instructions, tips and tools to submit the financial assistance application on your own.  

If you choose this option, we’ll send you emails with instructions for every step of the process. You can get your application submitted as fast as you want – even today. And you can always email or text us with questions.

3: Follow Up With The Hospital To Get A Resolution

Once your application has been submitted, the hospital should call, mail you a letter, or send a message through their online portal in about 3 weeks. Be on the lookout for their response.  

Dollar For will email and text you regularly to get updates and to give you tips on following up with the hospital. If you don’t hear from the hospital after 3 – 4 weeks, we recommend you call the hospital directly to find out the status of your application. You can find more tips on making this call here.

If all goes well, you could get a letter confirming that your debt has been forgiven.  If you are denied for any reason, Dollar For can work with you to try to appeal that decision. 

It is important to remember that the decision to approve or deny financial assistance rests with the hospital. Dollar For will do our best to help you get assistance, but we can’t guarantee success.

Please note:

  • No matter who submitted the application, the hospital will contact you directly, not Dollar For, regarding the outcome of your application. We rely on you to let us know what the hospital tells you.
  • You may continue to get bills and collections phone calls while your application for assistance is pending. That doesn’t mean it’s not working, but it does mean you should pay attention to these communications and contact us if you have questions.

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