Medical Bill Help from Pali Momi Medical Center

You may not need to pay that hospital bill

Are you looking for medical bill help? Many patients of Pali Momi Medical Center in Aiea, HI, and across the United States, can’t afford to pay their hospital bills. One solution that can help is charity care. Under federal law, nonprofit hospitals must offer financial assistance programs that can reduce or even eliminate medical bills for people with incomes below a certain level. Learn more about charity care. See if you qualify for medical bill forgiveness from Pali Momi Medical Center or any other U.S. hospital. If you’re eligible, Dollar For can help you apply for charity care in Aiea, HI, either on your own or with assistance from our experienced Patient Advocates. Our service is completely free — no strings attached. Learn more about how Dollar For works.

Is Pali Momi Medical Center threatening to send you to COLLECTIONS for a bill you can’t afford to pay?

If you have a recent medical bill for an emergency visit or any other reason, you might be getting letters or calls telling you to pay that bill before it is sent to collections and shows up on your credit report.

It’s not too late to get help. Nonprofit hospitals in Aiea, HI and across the country have to offer charity care programs to patients. That means they forgive bills for people who don’t make enough to afford their bills.  And they have to consider your application for 240 days after the first bill – even if they have already sent you to collections.

Are you looking to crowdfunding to save you from HUGE medical bills from your hospital that you can’t pay, check if you qualify for charity care.

These days, more and more people turn to websites like GoFundMe, Medgift, and other crowd-based websites to help pay their medical bills. They post links to their personal appeals on Facebook, Nextdoor, and Instagram. Friends and family give what they can, and help spread the word to their network, so that even strangers can donate to their campaigns.

But before you create that fundraising campaign, you should check that you even have to pay that bill. Most hospitals will not tell you that you are eligible for charity care until you ask about it. That’s one of the reasons Dollar For works so hard to make charity care known, easy, and fair for everyone.

Any hospital bill, for any condition, might be eligible for charity care

Nobody wants to go to the hospital, and you may have visited Pali Momi Medical Center for any number of reasons, such as:
  • Cancer
  • Flu
  • Heart Issues
  • Stroke
  • MaternityCare/Childbirth
  • An Accident
But it doesn’t matter why you have a hospital bill – you should only pay what you truly owe. You can use our simple screener to find out if you qualify for charity care. If you do, we will provide any help you need to apply for assistance at Pali Momi Medical Center or any other nonprofit hospital from which you have received a bill. Dollar For’s services are always FREE, with no strings attached.

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